Sonny and Cher: The Early Years

While browsing through my external hard drive today, I found several photographs of my parents from earlier years.  Have a look-see: 

 They met in Florida.  This was their song:

. : and even though we ain't got money, i'm so in love with ya honey : .
{danny's song}

And then my mom graduated from high school.  (And they matched.)

And then they were married.  (And they matched.)
And then my brother and I came along.  
(And we got some beige couches.)

. . . And then there were five.  (And they kept their tonsils.)

And eventually fifty more, give or take.

{Tim, Matt, Noah, me, Steph, Sarah, Isaac, Peter, Luke, Dad, Mom, Lydia}


  1. Wow,how many siblings?
    What a neat posting.
    You should let us know every now and then about your momma and dad and siblings now.
    How different you all are and what you all do.
    You must have a ton of nieces and nephews

  2. Well not yet actually. I'm the second oldest and I'm only 24 . . . the last photograph is us last year. But I'm sure I will have lots of nieces and nephews someday!

  3. This is a great post. I loved it. You come from quite the big family. I bet it was loads of fun growing up.

  4. Holidays must be expensive
    We do name drawing for christmas
    You are blessed with so many siblings

  5. We're frugal people. But yes, they are still expensive.


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