Something Vintage

vin·tage (noun) - a period of origin.

Thought I'd write a blog post about my vintage and/or rare finds.
Just because I love them. 



 Wooden auditorium chairs from the elementary school in Brevard, North Carolina.  With a few choice expletives on the back-side.



My coffee table.  A green wooden crate addressed to the Army Pictoral Center in Long Island City, NY.  Picked this up at a used store in Northeast Georgia about five years ago.


A metal daisy chair (part of a set). 
Originally belonged to Jane Dorsey Robinson Campbell, my mother's Nana.



A family heirloom. 
Antique brass bed which also belonged to Nana. 



C. Scribner's and Son's Mark of Democracy wooden box.
I found this in an antique store in South Carolina and couldn't resist buying it.
I won't admit what I paid.


Antique metal bird cage about two feet in diameter. 
I simply love this thing.


Funky brass wind chimes from Michigan.



Gumball machine from the eighties.
If you have loose change and you like gum, come see me.



My kiddo's feet.  Two of a kind.


If you love thrifting for used or vintage pieces, as well as upcycling your finds to your personal taste, you'll want to visit Fine Diving in Chicago by Diana Durkes.  I simply love this blog.  Also, check out her e-book entitled Secondhand Shabby: Ten Decorating Projects for Urban Scavengers.


  1. Aw! Love the kiddo's feet. ;) It's so funny all these things you've had in your posession for ages and I never really considered how many of them were antiques. I just thought 'yeah, that's Laur's cool stuff'. I always liked your coffee table.

  2. Aww thanks Hannah. When I get old I suppose I can say they're from my "searching years" - basically the ages between 20 and 22 in which I had no clue what I was doing in life. So I went to flea markets and coffeehouses and stared at other people who seemed to have a clue.

    I love that trunk too . . . but currently it is also functioning as my dining room table and it's a bit small. . .

    good finds.

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragment on my daughter's delivery.
    I love all this stuff. I think the bed and the bird cages are my favorite:)
    Hanns from bouffe e bambini

  5. The wind chimes get my top vote. But knowing me, I'd feel compelled to paint all of these.

  6. I sort of wanted to paint them too. . . but on the other hand - I like how they look old and used. It's nice to have something vintage-looking mixed in with the new (and one day I do intend to buy some new furniture ;) One day).

  7. I love your coffee table! I just picked up a huge wooden vintage trunk at an antique store not too long ago, and it is now my coffee table!

  8. I know! Trunks are the best coffee tables ever, hands down. Plus extra storage!

  9. I'll send back the Target giftcard and you can send me the Daisy chair! It is absolutely beautiful.


( hippies always welcome )