In Celebration of the New Year

By Amongst Other Things
One year my grandma bought each of us lottery tickets for Christmas.  She put them in individual envelopes and told us to memorize our numbers.  We didn’t win anything, but ever since then I’ve had a strange fascination with the lottery.

Whenever I clean out my car and find loose change under the seats, I make a point to buy a ticket.

To celebrate, we bought two Mega Millions Lottery tickets on New Year’s Eve (seemed like the thing to do).  And won (not).

But it was fun pretending for a few minutes what we’d do with $290 Million (or rather, the leftovers after taxes). 

The following was discussed:

Get ourselves and our collective families out of debt
Buy everybody new vehicles
Invest in Chinese currency
Create a trust fund for Isaac’s future
Purchase beachfront property
Open the coffeehouse
Buy excessively odd gifts and mail them out for no reason

. . . And then we got distracted thinking about all the wildly funny things we could buy for our friends, and the conversation ceased to be logical.  For those of you who know us well, consider yourselves thrilled that we didn’t win.

You had two eight-foot granite Roman centurion statues coming your way.


  1. Busses for all too?
    I dont think i would want familynor friends to know if i won because i have heard of so many lost relationships from the money. My close ones are more important to me but i would make sure to secretly get them things and you would know because a bus would be delivered to your home.
    Happy new year blog friend

  2. I still have not bought a lottery ticket. Maybe I should! I love your lottery money ideas, especially the beachfront property!

  3. What a cute idea! We actually had a very very unlucky day the other day so I decided it would be the perfect time to buy scratch off tickets...only to come find out that the gas station I stopped at...didn't sell them, ha ha

  4. Weird gifts are my fave:) They always are somehow oddly connected to the person we are giving them to. It just may take a little time for the receiver to figure out that connection we felt with how the item would suit them:) My mamma is famous for her weird, but thoughtful gifts. And I have followed in her foot steps, times 10. My husband's family is a long line of giftcard, cash, actually useful things, but who wants those things, LOL?!

  5. I know! I love buying weird gifts. And even if nobody else liked it, I'd still do it because I have so much fun at it!


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