The Yellow Thing

From Mary Ruffle
“I am an accomplished maker of pancakes.”  - from Dan in Real Life

Isaac’s aunt Lydi loaned him a blue picnic box full of plastic food, aluminum dishware, and checkered table-cloth, thereby transforming him into Chef Kiddo.  He’s spent the last few days concocting exotic dishes of – well, whatever that beige lumpy looking blob is supposed to be.  Tofu, do you think?

We’ve been sitting on the floor for a half hour now, preparing meals of various sorts.  You’ll be happy to know I can successfully triple-flip a plastic pancake.  That should come in handy . . . someday.  Can’t imagine why not.

He keeps trying to feed me the yellow thing.

I wouldn’t eat that thing if it were the last food on earth.

He calls the bananas “nanas.”

He thinks the oranges are balls.  Well, they are.  Orange plastic balls.  Come to think of it, he thinks real oranges are balls, too.  I said, “Isaac, let’s play ball!” and he ran to the refrigerator and got out an orange.  

Well, why not.

I am reminded of the library my siblings and I used to visit when living in Oregon.  The library staff set up a mini food-mart in the children's section, with a register, buggies, and plastic foods.  We spent hours pretending to be at the grocery store while at the library.  And vice-versa, actually.

I hope Isaac has this much fun whilst growing tall(er). 

Looks like we’ve moved on to trains.  Bye!


  1. Aw. He'll be mini chef Tim. :-P I use to love playing grocery store. I'd make Katie and David be the customers, lol.

  2. That's adorable! Hey, I remember that library "store", how funny. That was one of the many libraries where the "children's librarian" didn't seem to like children very much. ;P

    Well, it's good to know Issac has learned a new skill. It'll probably help him get a girlfriend if nothing else. ;)

  3. Before Hailey was born my husband and our son were saying that we should raise her to where we would tell her a lamp was a car and a car was a lamp and so on so when she was in school she would have the wrong thing for everything. Of course I did not let that happen but it was kinda funny that they thought about doing it.


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