Coffee, Etc.

 This is just me, day-dreaming 
. . . about my (nonexistent) coffeehouse again . . .  

Both images borrowed from Pinterest
Want to help me come up with possible names for it?

Nothing cliché unless it’s got a bit of the unusual in it.
Either that or vote for your favorite from the list below.

Here are the names I’ve considered thus far:
Thought these up late at night, without coffee.
So bear in mind that some are just plain silly.

Of the café variety:

The Yellow Sun Café
Vagabond Café
The Chimney Swift Café

Of the house variety:

The Mudhouse 
The Hippie House
The Treehouse (minus the tree)
The Coffeehouse (eh, sometimes simplest is best)

Of the unusual variety 

Disconnected words or phrases 
that may or may not look grand on a coffeehouse sign.

Good Day, Sunshine
Coffee, Etc. 
The Hyphenated Ink-Pot (ink-pot for short)
Fresh Pot

At this point I realized I should probably have some.   
Coffee, that is.

 . . . I’m out.  Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Pretty sure I would have to go with Poppies. The decor possibilities mixed with the names of different kinds of cup-a-joe recipes would be fun!

    Gave you a shout out on back on my blog...Have a great Friday!

  2. ok
    i like
    The Chimney Swift Café
    mud house
    think ink-pot and mud house are my favs
    how about this name
    (its a name i gave a teddy bear I was given a few years back)
    Java Joe Cocoa Bean
    Java Joe(n)as brothers, hee heee get it?
    ok i being stupid, must get serious

    Java The Hut
    think thats one here in Colorado somewhere but its a good one

  3. make one in a bus that travels!!!!
    java joe the bus deliverer

  4. ink pot is good.

    one of my customers suggested "ink & beans" for a new name for this store, lisa didn't like it, hah.

    the coffeehouse, yes.

    yellow sun cafe. i would go there just to see it, it sounds warm and bright and fabulous.

  5. Thanks everybody! I can't wait till this is a serious decision I have to make.

  6. i can't believe you categorized your potential names for a coffee house. i will never be as organized as you.

  7. I only categorized them for the purpose of the post. ;) In real life, they're just a bunch of ideas swimming in my head.

  8. I like Vagabond Cafe' a LOT!! ;) I also like Ink & Beans or Ink Pot...you could have a literary themed shop! *cheesy grin* Laura and I would HAVE to come visit!! :P Yellow Sun Cafe' (or Java??) is cute too :) Treehouse is nice, but how would you pull it off? Inner and/or outer balconies, made to look like part of a treehouse?? My imagination LOVES YOUR BLOG, and my headache does not, lol :P

  9. A bus coffe house hooked to your home tree house is perfect!

  10. It might look a bit too Dr. Suess, if you know what I mean. ;)

    I have no idea what I was thinking about the Treehouse/coffeehouse thing. Maybe put a tree in the logo?
    Although you've got to admit, if you had a coffeehouse in a tree, that would pretty sweet!

  11. There's a river of coffee running under the streets of my college town, perhaps that qualifies me for some perspective? Love Vagabond Cafe. We had a Cafe Mud up the block, short lived.
    Mobile food trucks are being upscaled from roach coaches, maybe Cry's on to something with the bus idea.
    I always have to get the lame ideas out of the way first:
    The Perch!
    Cafe Greyskull!
    Fission (instead of Fishin')

    Last, here's the name of a virtual one, a serial novel written by mystery writer Sharon Fiffer. The Deadline Cafe. We're on chapter 6 here: http://evanston.patch.com/articles/the-deadline-cafe-episode-6.

  12. Oh I do love the Deadline Cafe. Very writer's press plus coffee kind of thing.

  13. I would lovvveee to open a music-house-coffee-shop-art-emporium. What about the Espresso Emporium?

    For real. Our dreams are really alike.

  14. It is a perfect dream, isn't it? I hear it's kind of difficult to keep the type of business we want running without a side business . . . which is why I was thinking upstairs boardinghouse or downstairs book store as well. . . plus lunch menu of sorts. Prepackaged? I definitely do not want to open a restaurant.

    The word emporium always makes me think of that movie with Mr. Magorium. Which is perfectly fine because I just love that movie. ;)

  15. I like Vagabond Cafe... Sounds like a cool place to hang out!


( hippies always welcome )