Monday Blues

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
And realized it was one of those days.
You know, where nothing happens as it should,
And you can't quite figure out why.
Until you remember: it's Monday.
And that's why your kid put the q-tips in the toilet,
And you hit your head on the towel rack and window-sill,
And you can't find the papers you mislaid,
And your computer must reboot whilst your work is unsaved.
And all you can think is:
Thank God for coffee.


  1. Well snap. Subtract the kid and the q-tips, replace towel rack with "pool house shower door", add overslept and ran out of cream cheese, and you had my day! ;)

    Coffee would have been wise. Mine ended more "Thank God for juice boxes."

    I guess if you can end a Monday thanking God for anything, you're good to go. <3

    Love ya.

  2. On Mondays, people should view Monday as just an extension of Sunday . .. so if they don't accomplish too much or have that great of a day - oh well, it's just an extension day. On Tuesday, people should view Monday as Monday. It's over and now it's Tuesday.

  3. It's very true! Someone on one of the CollegePlus boards had a poll going about dodging the Monday doldrums, and I said I often spend Monday making all my lists for Tuesday. Which means I inevitably get nothing done on Monday, but am well set up to make loads of progress on Tuesday. Which means that my Tuesdays are generally awesome. Which means that my Mondays perpetually suffer by comparison. It's a vicious cycle.

    So I like the extention of Sunday idea! It gives you an awesome (long!) Sunday, and an awesome Tuesday, and the Monday falls out like the lettuce in a poorly wrapped burrito.

    I loved your post, by the way. You will too, I hope, in retrospect. Perhaps by Saturday...

  4. Haha yes, perhaps by Saturday. Or Thursday night. . .

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