Potty-Training 101

Confession: I have only just started potty-training Isaac.  I meant to begin last year, but school and work made diapers look more appealing than they actually are, and subsequently I opted for Isaac being a late-bloomer regarding all things toilet.  Aside from putting objects like socks and q-tips inside the toilet, which he does frequently.  And then this year came, with graduation and grad school applications and repairing the house and moving (excuses, all - the idea of potty-training Isaac terrifies me) - and now it's September.  And he will be turning three next month - in diapers - unless I get a move on.  I put him on the real toilet a few times and he just screamed, which I suppose is understandable considering it's much too big for him.  So last weekend I bought the Fisher Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty (yes, they gave that name to what is essentially a plastic bowl).  I couldn't find anything less jazzy under $30, my only other options consisting of a toilet that sings (?) and a toilet that looks like a race-track.  So Isaac thinks his new potty is a toy, but at least he isn't afraid of it.  Yet. 

I've heard the main tools for a happy potty training experience include cheering, candy, and charts (the three c's).  (Check out Tami Cline's blog post entitled Wet for a funny read about Potty Training Charts.)  Otherwise, I'm clueless.  Tips, anyone?


  1. Krystle and I started when he was 11/2 years. When we would go to the bath room wr would let him come w us. We told him u want to be a big boy then u gotta use the the potty like mom n dad. He jus started wanting to use the potty. He will tell us i gotta peepee. And even if its a false alarm u let him go and try. Eli hadn't got the poppy part yet but he's close. Oh go buy a little toilet seat that fits on top of the toilet. That way he learns to use the real toilet and flush it. To teach him to flush let him flush when u go. Tell him that hes such a big boy for learning and make a big deal about him doing it specially when he does. Trust me it working on eli. Hes almost there. Hope this helps. Love you guys.

  2. Thanks David! I appreciate all the input!

    We did buy a little toilet seat - but right now we're sticking to the little potty because he gets to MAD when I put him on the big one. But here's to hoping. . .


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