{wake up and smell the coffee}

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You know that feeling you get first thing in the morning, when you take a sip of hot coffee?  Like the whole world could spin off balance and you wouldn't mind.

Lately I've been daydreaming about my coffeehouse.   In my imaginary world, I find a perfectly-located two-story rectangular brick building with wood floors and big windows (a short sale plus the bank is willing to throw in closing costs).  Also it has new bathroom fixtures.

Maybe like this:

Borrowed from Downtown Campbellsville

Home upstairs, coffeehouse down.  I've always wanted to live in a studio walk-up.  What could be better than sliding out of bed, heading downstairs, starting up the coffee-makers, and wala!  Open for business.

Or even better, something vintage:

Borrowed from Socket Site

The older the building, the more character.  Not to mention the quirky corners!  Plus I'd love to have garage doors.  I could leave them open on sunny days and put tables just outside.

Borrowed from West Central Neighborhood Association

An old Engine House, perhaps?  And if I had enough space, I could even rent out a couple rooms.  Or have a boarding-house of sorts.  With a wall for books - used and new, for sale and lending.  And a garden on the rooftop, with daisies.

. . . maybe someday.


  1. What a beautiful dream! Don't forget the added benefit of the endless fragrant streams of coffee scented air wafting into your adobe for a lifetime. Paradise!

  2. Oh how i wish this for you someday! I liked the 2 nd one best.

  3. New bathroom fixtures are a must!! Seems that our houses growing up always shape our future desires :)

  4. I am still hoping that I can do that but with an art studio and gallery. It is good to dream and hopefully one day your dream will become a reality. Cheers, T. :)

  5. beautiful dream don't ever ever give it up...

  6. I cannot wait until this is a reality! :)

  7. Let me know when you're open for business - this is a place I'd love to frequent!!!

  8. I can't wait either! I hope everybody will come visit. And I'll have tea for those who crazy individuals who don't drink coffee.

  9. I will definitely come visit! I love the garage doors, so charming! :).

  10. Oh my goodness!

    I love the vintage with garage doors one! This coffeehouse is destined to be!

  11. honey, i'm with ya.
    you had me hooked at the first paragraph.

    i like the first and last pictures!!
    the cute coffee shop here in town is kinda like that, though they use the upper for storage. :P i'd love to live in the top!!
    i could dream all day.
    and the painting job...choosing colors...let's not talk about how much paint is per gallon. ;)

  12. You've got me with the paint thing. I spent an entire year painting and repainting my house. It was a horribly expensive hobby but I couldn't help it - I just had to see it in ALL THE COLORS.

  13. You could have a whole building to do whatever you want with it! That's pretty cool.

    Nice buildings too! My favorite is the bottom one. On hot days you could open up the big doors! Cool!


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