The Five Little Peppers

Sarah, Me, Steph, Matt, Noah 

 My siblings were my closest friends while growing up.

. . . That being said, it recently occurred to me just how odd we can be when trying to show affection.

Take, for instance, brothers.  What they think (presumably): Dude, I have a cool family (roughly translated: I love you guys).  How it manifests itself: I should punch them all in the arm!

My older brother did this repeatedly when we were kids.

Or sisters.  For whatever reason, my sisters and I had to say goodnight to each other when we were falling asleep.  Exchanging well-wishes before bed was an important ritual of sisterhood.  Also a competition because each of us wanted to be the last person to say it.  (Not sure why; I don’t think there was a prize.)  

See?  Vicious circle of love.

I’m still guilty of it.  Take the other night, for instance.  We all managed to be home for dinner, so naturally we were sitting around drinking coffee and quoting old movies.

Then it hit me:  Hey, my brother is a very attractive person.  Never really thought about it before.  

What I said: Hey Noah, your hair actually looks normal today!

. . . Go figure.

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  1. It is often a strange release of off handed compliments and love isn't it. ha ha. I've only 1 brother, we aren't close but I know the love is there and know that when whenever we really need one another we're there...that in itself speaks for the strength of a sister/big brother bond:D

    Have a great week Lauren (thanks so much for hopping into my little blogspot:D)

  2. this got me laughing... good times... lol... remember when you and Stephanie tried convincing me there was a world you could eat clouds like cotton candy in the closet but I wasn't allowed to go there? That made me really mad... haha...

  3. Haha! Classic. Wait........... that's NOT normal? Huh.


    Hannah and Chloe and I used to do the 'Good-night' thing. It was our way of closing off the night's chatting - an official endpoint, of the 'after we say goodnight, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TALK ON PAIN OF DEATH' variety. Which didn't work. So of course we instituted 'Good-night For Real' and 'ReallyREALLY Good-night This Time'.

  4. Oh my goodness! I love this post!
    What's crazy is...I JUST read a post on another blog post about family/siblings.

    I miss my own siblings a lot these days. It may be just about time for a trip to Idaho. :)

  5. Not going to lie Lauren - it is my instinct to be mean/sarcastic first. Maybe because I know they won't take it too seriously or maybe its because of deep rooted self esteem issues that come from having so many people to compare yourself too - I don't know, I don't put much thought into it. But it is something I have to make a conscious decision to fight.

    Also my sisters and I had that goodnight thing too! Only we had a specific thing we said and we would add to it over the years. I think the last before we dropped it when I was like 13 was "Goodnight, Double Double love (because single love wasn't enough and when we added it there were three of us in the room so double love for both sisters) snore (that was for me) sush" (that was for whoever decided to not shut up - we took turns) and the end was something about really meaning it because we never listened to the "sush" part. It was complex. Also I'm pretty sure I just wrote a blog post in response to your blog post. Your Welcome.

  6. Also I just see the Engle's apparently had the same "no really I mean it problem" big family's lots of sisters - it happens : )

  7. Priscilla - I love blog posts in response to my blog posts as long as they aren't trying to sell me anything. And Yes, you must meet the Engels at some point in time. We've always thought you both would hit it off splendidly. And by both I do mean you and all of them.

    Laura - Thanks so much for the link! That post really made me laugh.

    Sarah E. - I do seem to recall this about you girls.

    Sarah Sister - Shhh. Not true.

    Mandy - It is perfect knowing you've got siblings somewhere out there in the world who will back you up when needed.

  8. remember the movie "the Waltons"
    we would yell that to each other.
    Love the background picture
    isnt it funny how as kids the heads never have a body, just arms and legs hooked to them. giggle

  9. We used to yell the Walton's "Goodnight" too!

  10. that, my dear, is adorable.
    love this post.
    and yes. it's true the brothers show affection that way.
    mine did/does it too! though he doesn't do it that much nowadays because i can punch him back (in the arm of course; i'm too afraid of wounds to do the face even if i'm angry as heck) --and my punches have gotten better over the years. ;)


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