A Blogger Challenge

Borrowed from Stefanyalves
Literary Legs recently published a blog post entitled The Seven Link Blogger Challenge, and I thought I'd borrow the idea for a bit.  It's a great way to unearth old posts.

The idea is to answer the following seven prompts (in bold and underlined), and, if you'd like, add a brief synopsis about the links you've added.  So here are mine:

·     Your first post  . . .  Resolutions.  Oh Boy.  My 2008 New Year Resolutions.  I’m ashamed to admit I only completed six out of ten, and a couple of them actually made it onto this year’s list of resolutions (three years later. . .).  Here’s to hoping I become more diligent.  Or something.

·     A post you enjoyed writing . . . I like writing posts about growing up with seven siblings, so possibly GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM!  Cathartic writing, you understand.

·     A post which had a great discussion . . . Probably either BLOG, a recent post about blogging networks, or Un-Breastfeeding.  The topic is in the title.  For whatever reason, this post in particular seems to get the most page views.

·     A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written . . . 10 Writing Tips That Can Help Almost Anyone by Janet Fitch.  Or anything else on her blog.

·     Your most helpful post . . . Possibly my guest post at Miss Simplee entitled Mommy’s Going Back to School about the ins and outs of online education.

·     A post with a title that you are proud of . . . Hypothermia: Subnormal Temperature.  What can I say?  I was cold.  Also I needed to vent.

·     A post that you wish more people had read . . . Married with a Kid or Close Encounters of the Weird Kind.  Just because they struck me as somewhat funny.  They are both about interacting with strangers.


  1. Yay! Love your list!

    I was also impressed by your post "Mommy's going back to school" on Miss Simplee's blog!

    Looking forward to reading some of the others on here!

  2. Thanks Laura! And also thanks for the blog post idea! Quite fun.

  3. Great idea ladaisi. I might just have to do this myself next week!

  4. Hah, I LOVED that bathroom post!! I only have 5 siblings, but heck, it's all awesome. ;)

  5. Hello again to you!

    Thanks for reading my recent post & commenting. Not sure if I'm up to this blogger challenge - at least not tonight, which is now the early hours of the morning! I'm leaving for out of town & not returning until early Tuesday afternoon - but I like this post/concept.


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