Resolutions. Oh Boy.

A new blog for a new year. I thought I'd try to keep a journal this year, but as blogging is much more convenient I've decided to post instead. Conserve ink, maybe. Use less paper. Become a tree-hugging hippie and save the rain-forest. On the other hand, the astounding amount of diapers my son uses daily would seem to negate that last resolution. We are, single-handedly, destroying the environment one diaper at a time.

Heh. I half expected my conscience to protest. Guess not.

Because it's that time of year again (and also because my conscience doesn't mind if I break my promises), I've made a list of resolutions for the next twelve months. Or as long as it takes, or until I die - whichever comes first. More than likely I will forget why I made these resolutions in the first place, and they will come to an abrupt demise. I'm not too concerned. Either way, here they are:

Get completed manuscript to a publisher.
Begin writing another.
Learn to play tennis.
Create more paintings to sell.
Record music.
Take more photos and document them.
Spend all free weekends in small town coffeehouses.
Teach myself guitar.
Fill more sketchbooks.
Keep a journal (or blog).

Well. It's worth a try, anyway.

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  1. at least you have resolutions. i didn't even bother. =)


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