My dad and I recently had a discussion bordering on the inadequacy of language.  In particular, we were struck by the peculiarity of literary genres.  Simply put, there is fiction, and then there is non-fiction.  Why is it that everything we write that is strictly truthful falls into a "non" category?  We are essentially defining what is true about ourselves by what it is not - untrue.  It'd be like saying there are pop-tarts, and then there are non-pop-tarts (all the other food).  Are we really this prosaic?

That  being said, I think there are far more truths in fiction than we care to let on.  Also, are you craving pop-tarts now?


  1. I've never even tasted a pop tart, so I have no idea what to crave. :)

    I find that there is quite a bit of truth in fiction as well. I think it almost fully depends on the author's reason for writing and the message they are attempting to share.

  2. How did I now know that about you? And how did you make it this long without ever trying one?


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