Steph had to do a photography shoot for school depicting a Beatles meets Norman Rockwell type theme, so she asked Matt and me to pose for her.  So there we were, all dressed up in a polo shirt and a little white dress, sitting on the piano bench looking all theatrical.  The problem was, Steph needed Matt to look as if he were losing some hair (don't ask).  We raided the hair brushes to try to find some abandoned hair (as nobody was particularly keen on volunteering their own), but couldn't get a wad big enough to show up in the photograph. 

After a long debate concerning whether or not Peter had recently had a haircut, Matt yelled, "Hey, Peter, how much hair do you have?"

Insert a very long pause.  "Not enough."  (He knows us too well, I think).

Matt, undeterred: "Can we have some of it?"


  1. *perishes laughing* Aw, Pete. I really want to see the final photos, by the way! :D


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