Recyling Center

If at all possible, I have become one of the few Unorganized People who still manage to live in an extraordinarily organized, low-maintenance, clutter-free house (I'm Type A, but only on the outside).

I have Disorganization of the Mind. 

I can't seem to complete anything without allowing myself to get interrupted.  Which basically means I spend quite a bit of time aimlessly running around [wherever I happen to be], beginning endless projects and failing to finish them at all.  Instead, they become lists.  Endless lists.  Desktop lists with Microsoft sticky notes that pile on top of each other until they look like mini encyclopedias.

You'd think this would help, but no.  I don't like lists.  They make me feel frantic.  So I keep organizing the lists, re-arranging them, editing them, and finally deleting them in hopes I'll just remember them on my own.  Which of course adds to the mess my mind has become (vicious circle much?).  There's nothing but a huge pile of discarded sticky notes in there!  Lately it's looked like this (the brief version):

  • Finish Drawing Up The Will (you'd think we'd have done this already, I mean, our kid is almost three and if we suddenly died there'd be no legal papers dictating to whom he should belong).  
  • Check Email Concerning Data Conversion Work Project Thing.  
  • Interruption: Isaac put the pumpkin in the toilet.  Fish out and discard.
  • Make Sure SNHU Gets Signed Copy of W2's (so I can get my Award Letter, figure out my loan/scholarship situation, and get the ball rolling before classes begin).  
  • And Check Out Cost of Plane Ticket (the MFA program is low-residency, so I've got to spend a brief week in New Hampshire at the end of January).
  • Prepare for Isaac's Birthday (turning three this weekend!  We're building him a Thomas the Tank Engine train station).
  • Interruption: Isaac turned on Live Free Or Die Hard again and he is not allowed to watch it.
  • Figure Out How To Get Strange Smell Out of Dryer (I need a scentless scent-remover.  I don't want my clothes smelling like ammonia, misty waterfalls, or apple pie). 
  • Start Writing Again (I'm having trouble getting back into the hang of things).  
  • Interruption: Isaac moved all the dining room chairs into the living room, opened the front door, and is now pretending to drive the car.
  • Go Grocery/Household Shopping (in particular, toilet paper.  All out). 
  • Get Page Protectors (I actually finished scrap-booking all the photographs from the last two years!  Now I just need to get some plastic sleeves).
  • Interruption: WHO EATS CRAYONS?  I mean, really.
  • Help Steph Complete Photo Shoot (I have to dress up as an old person.  Norman Rockwell thing.  This should be interesting).  Speaking of Steph:
  • Finish Writing Latest Song.
  • Christmas Shopping (I started Christmas shopping a few weeks ago and need to pick it up again.  When you've got as many people in your family as I do, it's much better to begin early and buy a few gifts at a time.  That way, nothing has to go on the credit card.  Plus you can find better deals).
  • Read to Isaac (I've been trying to read to him more often - helps the cognitive development, you know.  We were reading Anna Karennina, but that got depressing.  So now we're reading Watership Down.  Much better).

Any tips on how you keep your head organized?  Cause right now, mine looks like a Recycling Center.


  1. I list all of my tasks on my phone. I LOVE the delete button!! :)

  2. That's a good idea for someone who consistently carries her phone around. I just don't want to be that connected to the thing.

  3. Just so you know...my parents did not have a will until like 6 months ago...you're doing pretty good in my book to even have it on a list : )

  4. Wow, did you at least have godparents or something?

  5. we've had a will since last deployment. that was depressing, getting ready for matt to go to iraq and talking about what i'd do if he died. just what i wanted to be thinking about.


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