And Thank You For Shopping At Ingles!

Greenwich Village Daily Photo
Somewhat recently, Isaac began saying thank you to everything.  I actually found this surprising because I never intentionally set about teaching him to say it - I just said it out of habit and I suppose he picked it up.  Now he says it numerous times daily - when I give him his sippy-cup and snack, when I get out his toys, when I change his diaper, and even when I put him down for a nap.  It got me to thinking, we really don't say it enough these days (which also probably means we're taking too many things for granted).  It'd be a shame if the most we heard "thank you" was from the Ingles self-check-out station - you know, in that insincere, computer-generated voice that was originally programmed to say, "Hurry up and get out - you're blocking the line."  That being said . . . thanks for reading my blog.  It makes me happy.


  1. You make me happy too! Oh wait, I already established that in my post. I miss you.

  2. You're welcome! (People don't say THIS often enough either; they make 'oh, I know, I'm so awesome: I made your day! of course you're thanking me' faces. ;)


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