Disconnected Thoughts

I've started buying Dunkin Doughnuts coffee (in the bag, to be made at home) and I'm afraid I'll never be able to go back to Maxwell House again.  Which is unfortunate because it is $8.50-ish a bag at Wal-Mart and I go through it twice as fast because it tastes so good.  That reminds me: add Buy Half n' half to grocery list.  (I didn't mean to begin this post with a diatribe about my coffee, but I just made some and subsequently it was my only cohesive thought).

It's been cold and rainy here this week, so Isaac cuddled up into bed with me early this morning.  It was so sweet because he started stroking my face and humming.  Made me happy.

Please keep my family in your prayers this week as my grandpa on my dad's side died last night.  The last time I saw him was about six years ago, but we used to visit him somewhat regularly when I was a kid.  I remember he loved chess and tennis and he hated high sofas that kept feet from reaching the floor.  Odd, isn't it?  The things you remember and the things you can't.

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