Painting by Chagall

Photo borrowed from Superhero Journal

I love The Weepies. They are my favorite Indie pop-folk band.

And guess what?

They are coming to The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta this November!  

Have a listen to one of my favorite Weepies songs -   

Painting by Chagall:

Everybody says you can't, you can't, you can't, don't try. Still everybody says that if they had the chance they'd fly like we do.


  1. are you going to see them in concert? that's something i'd consider flying back east for!!! we'll be broke by then though, and if we did have money, we'd spend it on a ticket to balmy wisconsin to visit matt's family.


  2. Hey check out their tour dates, they've got a few that're a lot closer to you than Atlanta.

    I'd love to see them. . . not sure if November will work or not tho.

  3. seattle is sold out, portland is oct 20. i'd have to stay overnight though and matt is out of town that weekend. my only other weepies fan friend is also out of town.

    ehh life.

  4. If money weren't a problem, I'd fly down and go to Portland with you. Unfortunately, money is almost always a problem.

  5. I think you mean fly out, or up. Portland is most definitely north and west of you. :]

  6. Haha yes. I always say "down" without thinking. Not sure why, really.

  7. I discover the Weepies, this Chagall song is great! but I think they are a little far from France, we have to wait!!


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