Bon Appetit!

While trimming something like six-hundred photographs today, I turned Julie & Julia on for a little background noise.  It made me want to cook duck.  A brief once-over of my kitchen proved there was very little to actually cook besides vegetables and yellow cake in a box, so I made popcorn.  And burned it.  This effectively ended any illusions I had toward becoming Julia Child.  It's not that I cannot cook - I have, in fact, proven that I can (for no less than ten people, though) - and will, when necessary.  The truth of the matter can be summed up in something Tim once said: the difference between us is that he views cooking as an art, while I generally view it as this little detour I have to make in order to keep myself alive.  Subsequently, Isaac and I eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt and granola, and butter-less popcorn during the week, and Chinese on weekends (Tim's going through a Chinese-food-kick lately - and I don't mean "American Chinese" food.  What they actually eat in China is completely different than what Americans order at Yummi Yummi).  That being said, I suppose there is a very good chance I will turn out like my grandma on my mom's side - I'll be the one setting the table, welcoming guests, and pouring the wine - and Tim will be the one cooking.  And who knows - maybe I'll blog about Tim's cooking and learn something useful.

Either that, or I'll just read other people's blogs about cooking.   Like Sarah Commerford's blog What's Cooking In Your World - she's actually cooking her way around the world!  Talk about a challenge.


  1. Oh I so get your views on cooking, chica. Cooking, to me, is a side trip that often takes too long, the kitchen is a windowless cubical of strange smells, and food is best picked off a tree or pulled from a box. ;)

    Which is why I'm glad people like Tim and Julia exists. lol <3

  2. Me too, otherwise I'd probably starve to death.

  3. Thank you very much for mentioning me in your beautiful blog! I have a Tim in my life too - my son who challenged me to take on this whacky adventure! Best of luck to you and yours :)



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