A Tragic Day

As it happens, my entire music collection has been lost.  I'm assuming the files either got accidentally deleted or possibly destroyed during a virus attack.  All that to say - I'm beginning to download new music this week before I lose my mind.  I'd love any suggestions concerning your favorite bands, songs, genres, and/or websites where I can purchase music somewhat inexpensively.  Anything goes.  Thanks!


  1. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
    The Killers
    The Postal Service
    Imogen Heap
    Florence & the Machine
    Death Cab for Cutie
    Owl City
    Kate Nash
    Yael Naim
    White Town

    And of course Iron and Wine! :] These are recent faves I've found on Pandora. I left out the ones I knew for sure you already have replaced.

    Sorry to hear about your loss of music. Terribly sad.

  2. Thanks Ayla! These sound perfect. I know I already love Death Cab for Cutie and Iron and Wine, but can't wait to check out the rest!

  3. Does that mean you lost all your Iron & Wine? I've got a few-- not a whole lot...wait...by saying "I've got a few" I guess I don't have to say "not a whole lot." hmmmmcoffeeeeneeeed. lol

    LOVE Owl City and Imogen, Ayla!! Ya got good taste. <3 I can't believe you've heard HEM! No one's heard HEM. Awww...Rabbit Songs. *squee!*

  4. So many things to download. So many things to download. Head must not explode.

  5. mp3panda.com. It's legal and crazy cheap. (Hi :)


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