Pain-in-the-Neck Thing

Sarah wanted to go shopping for jeans today, so we loaded up the car, drove two hours, and now I'm sitting in Starbucks.  I hate shopping.  I do, however, love coffee and short road trips.  Which is good, because Sarah is not just doing any shopping - she's jean shopping.  Jeans are her pain-in-the-neck thing to find.  We'll be here for hours.

I think everybody must have a pain-in-the-neck thing to buy, clothing or no.  We'll call them Trouble Items.  You know what I'm talking about - the one item that you desperately need but, for whatever reason, you put off buying as long as possible.  Months will pass and you'll see everyone else wearing the exact thing you've been looking for - but when you finally go shopping, no.  Forget it.  They don't make them anymore.  They're out of your size.  They look stupid on you.  It's Fat Thursday - you know you should never go shopping on your fat day.

My Trouble Item isn't actually a clothing article.  It's a lamp.  I've been living in a cave for about three years now and yes, I've bought lamps.  I just don't like them.  The longer you stare at them, the weirder they look. And please don't ask me to explain - all I know is that when I shop for lamps, I start laughing.  Hysterically.  And then I have to leave because obviously I can't take lamps seriously.

P.S. The one exception: Pottery Barn Track Lights Which I cannot afford.


  1. I hate jean shopping too! I try and convince myself that it is awesome by trying to buy designer jeans. Really it is just the same torture no matter what! I should just save my money, but I think they are addictive.

  2. I always go to Plato's Closet - designer/mall brands at cheap prices. If you have a good Plato's, there will be tons of jeans organized by size.

    But really it's a hit or miss thing. If I'm ever rich, I'm going to find one pair I like and buy ten of them in every color.


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