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Did you hear the PBS Kids jingle in your head while reading this post title? I did.

Isaac loves the TV shows featured on PBS Kids. As a result, I’ve watched them several times too. See below for my thoughts (and no, none of the following would concern any child under the age of ten, but since I’m an adult and I have to watch these episodes every so often, for the sake of sanity please let me rant a bit).

WordGirl! How is it that nobody in Wordgirl’s hometown Preposterocity has noticed that of the entire population, Becky Botsford and her alias Wordgirl are the only “two” people with a monkey? Also, how is it that Wordgirl manages to capture the villain at the end of every episode, and yet the same villains keep reappearing in every episode? Someone should clue Becky/Wordgirl in to the definition of “inefficient” so she can stop wasting her time putting The Butcher, Dr. Two-Brains, Mr. Big, Lady Redundant Woman, and Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy behind bars. Speaking of, whose clever idea was it to make a villain with a sandwich for a face? Even so, I can honestly say that of all the TV shows on PBS Kids, Wordgirl is by far my favorite. Cute little girl with a cape who spouts off the definitions of words while saving the day - what’s not to love?

Sid the Science Kid. This show makes me happy. The kids are cute, the teacher’s perfect, the grandma is fun albeit kooky, and the parents aren’t stupid (why is it that TV these days tend to make the parents look like idiots?). I’m also rather fond of May, Sid’s four-year-old friend (the one with the glasses who is supposed to be Chinese but does not look Chinese).

Clifford the Big Red Dog. Thanks to you, Big Red Dog, my kid thinks he is also a dog. He runs around on all fours, barks, and licks my face. Actually, it's kind of adorable.

Curious George. Why would any sane person keep a pet monkey if he acted like this? No offense, George, you’re super cute, but you certainly have a way of ruining things. If I were The Man with the Yellow Hat, I’d have you deported.

Martha Speaks. “Martha was an average dog, but when she ate some alphabet soup, then what happened was bizarre. On the way to Martha’s stomach, the letters lost their way. They travelled to her brain and now she’s got a lot to say.” Who comes up with this stuff?!

P.S. I'll be moving off the tv/movies topic after this post, lest you think my kid only ever watches television. But please, tell me about what shows your kid loves/does not love!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love Pocoyo - cutest thing ever! And Isaac used to watch the Baby Einstein Mozart video over and over and over and over until it got mysteriously broken because I threw it at the wall. Maliciously. I couldn't take that song anymore. ;)


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