Little Golden Book

My siblings and I used to love the Little Golden books when we were kids. Our favorites were The Taxi That Hurried, Doctor Dan, and The Poky Little Puppy. In The Taxi That Hurried, Bill and his speedy yellow taxi manage to get their very late passengers to the train station on time - but only after several pages of incessant honking.  Doctor Dan features the typical all-American family of the fifties - you'll notice how Dan's little sister looks like she might grow up to be a pin-up girl.  This book was important because it solidified our eight-year-old theory that band-aids could right all wrongs.  And then, of course, there was The Poky Little Puppy.  Despite Poky having several fun adventures through the strawberry patch, the ending left a bit to be desired: "NO DESSERTS EVER UNLESS PUPPIES NEVER DIG HOLES UNDER THIS FENCE AGAIN!"

Lucky for Isaac, mom let us borrow her old collection of Golden books so he can grow up with them too.  Which is perfect because he now carries around a stack of stories, saying, "Book?"


  1. I love Golden Books! I told mom she had to store mine until I have children :)

  2. I know. It's difficult to get the originals now - I went to Barnes and Noble and they just had "new" Golden books - which means they are all about Disney movie characters.


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