Healthy Snacking

Got any healthy, quick-and-easy snacks you love?  Thought I’d share my list and see if I could get any other ideas.

1)  Yogurt, grape nuts, blueberries, and honey.  Despite those commercials that insist that flavored tubs of yogurt like Activia are better for you – they actually aren’t.  Their ingredients are exactly the same as regular low-fat, non-flavored yogurt, except they have more sugar (!).  Add a spoonful of honey, a handful of blueberries, a fourth cup of grape nuts to some regular yogurt and you’ve got a great snack.
2)  Steamfresh Veggies.  All kinds of veggies pre-packaged in microwave-safe baggies – ready in four minutes!  For flavor, just add salt or a low-fat Italian dressing.  Good for a snack or a meal.
3)  Sorbee Sugar-Free Eat Rite Be Fit cookies.  Sweetened with Spenda, these cookies come in several flavors: chocolate, fudge, oatmeal, and peanut butter.  These actually taste great in coffee, too – sort of like biscotti! 
4)  Orville Redenbacher’s Simply Salted Popcorn.  This is just whole-grain all natural popcorn, popped with palm oil rather than butter.  The good news - only about fifty calories per bag (popped).
5)  I also try to keep a tray of pre-cut carrots and celery in my refrigerator.  Hidden Valley Low-Fat Ranch makes a great dip if you add some salt and dill – at any rate, it helps when you’ve got the munchies and the only other things available are fatty foods.

P.S. In retrospect, I'd like to link this post to an article called Is It All About the Snack? by Life with Chere Michelle Check it out - lots of useful tips on there!


  1. When I crave chocolate I like the dark chocolate plum bites. If you add a cup of hot green tea with a little honey it's a good night time snack.

  2. That does sound good. I'm one of those people who has to hear/see another person eating something in order to begin actually craving it myself - now I want green tea. And chocolate.

  3. other snacks....:)

    cheese and crackers
    peanut butter and crackers
    homemade muffins
    fresh fruit
    shakeology :)

  4. ha. whatever I get for free with coupons. :)

    No, in all reality....I like Kashi crackers, Special K crackers, Whole Wheat Ritz, graham crackers, etc. I just find eating peanut butter gives me a protein boost. Isaac would probably like it. :)

  5. Many thanks for the "buzz"! I wanted to throw in a snack idea I was turned on to awhile back and blogged about...Vitatops. Seriously decadent, low calorie, high fiber...yes. I also love flavoured rice crisps (the ones like mini rice cakes, in salt 'n vinegar or cheese)...finding healthy snacks is easy...it's learning to love them and eat the bad snacks in moderation that can be hard!

  6. Thanks Chere! I'll have to try those out.


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