Finals week is officially over and I have taken the last exams of my undergraduate career, turned in all required paperwork for graduation, and spent several days job searching. Now, while waiting for my grades to be posted and my inbox to say I’ve gotten a response from any number of possible future employers (or none), I am busying myself with . . . twiddling my thumbs?

I am a twenty-something stay-at-home mom who unfortunately lives in the boondocks of South Carolina, a good thirty minutes away from any babysitter I would trust with my coffee maker, let alone my kid. As my toddler does not yet speak in full sentences and apparently has no interest in sharing his matchbox cars with me, I have even less to do than I’d like to think. So I emptied out my house and had a huge yard sale, upped the length of my morning workout routine, asked my current boss to send me more hours, researched and applied to grad schools, and watched the entire Gilmore Girls TV series, start to finish.

During all this, it occurred to me that I’d like to take blogging a bit more seriously. Thus I am re-outfitting my blog. It’ll probably be under construction for a couple more days, but bear with me and pardon the mess. In the mean-time, please leave comments or subscribe so I can check out your blog as well! I'd also love any sort of advice you can give me on being a committed blogger.

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