An Accidental Stork

My pregnancy was a surprise. In fact, I didn’t even find out until a couple weeks afterwards, when I contracted a bothersome case of the flu and got suspicious. This is when I met The Infamous Little Stick and his contemporaries (four or five, to be exact), and my suspicions were confirmed. I was going to be a mommy.

It took me awhile to adjust to the fact that I was pregnant. The remainder of the nine months, actually. My initial response was to sit on the bathroom floor and laugh hysterically. Rather than travelling to an all-knowing oracle who would tell me my life was going to drastically change forever, I had peed on a stick whose entire language consisted of two signs: plus or minus. I made my husband swear up and down he wouldn’t tell a soul, and then I went jogging around the block despite it being eleven p.m. on a freezing February night, contemplating how horribly fat I was going to get.

That was just the beginning. But look what I got out of the deal:


  1. Awesome! Love the layout and colors! :)

  2. I was looking at pictures of Isaac tonight, as I was going through a bunch of old pictures and it's amazing how big he has gotten. While I know every stage is a good stage (minus terrible twos ;), it is sorta sad to know he will never be that SMALL again. :)

  3. such a sweet post! adorable photo :)

  4. I like your blog! You have a definite writing voice!


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