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In case you haven't noticed via my recent Facebook status, I am incredibly excited about this book (I just found out about it). Nanny Returns is the sequel to The Nanny Diaries, written by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. I make a point to read Nanny Diaries at least once a year, with frequent skimming excursions through the bits I love best.  The original is written in a light-hearted, somewhat self-deprecating narrative style in which Nanny finds herself employed by the self-centered Mr. and Mrs. X as nanny for their son Grayer. You'll notice this book is also my inspiration for my new blog, ALaMamaPoppinsI hope to incorporate as many pre-post quotes from The Nanny Diaries into this blog as I can manage, so check it out for samples!  And now if you'll excuse me, I must go order a copy of the sequel.  If you haven't read the first book then by all means treat yourself to both!  They're "diabolically funny" (The New York Times insists).  Happy reading!

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