3 Things To Envy About Cartoons

1) Ever notice how cartoon characters clean themselves? When these characters get dirty (and note it is always a mess of astronomical proportions - clumps of mud everywhere), they grab a handy-dandy cloth (that apparently just follows them around) and with one fell swoop of the rag WALA! Squeaky clean! Cleaning Isaac should be so easy.

2) Also notice how cartoon characters get their revenge. Angry at someone? Why, it's simple! Just give an overly-animated swift kick to the offending person's butt and they go flying off into the distance and land in a clump of shrubbery somewhere. I can think of at least five people I'd like to do this to, but unfortunately I don't have WonderBoots.

3) Everything they need they can pull out of thin air. Need a meal? Why here it is! Green eggs and ham in a tree! Need a space-ship? No problem. They're readily available with a snap of the fingers. Need an anvil? It'll come falling out of the sky any second now! (And by the way, what DID happen to all the anvils?)


  1. Love the new look! Great job! I do like the 3 columns, it's different than I imagined.

  2. We have anvil in the garage. You need one? Sanj.


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