You Remind Me of a Man

"Now I think we should leave, but somehow I can't move." - Cary Grant, in response to Katherine Hepburn's attempt to wake someone by throwing rocks at their window (Bringing up Baby).

This week, during any spare moment I can find, I've been watching the old black and white movies of Katherine Hepburn. My favorites include Cary Grant and/or Spencer Tracey. I'm also rather fond of On Golden Pond, and have high hopes of being just like that when I'm old.

Also this week, I seem to be constantly running into the same stranger - possibly a graduate student at Clemson. Everywhere I go, there he is. He wears button-down shirts and funny white tennis shoes with red and blue lines across the side (yes, pants, too). He appears to read extensively and enjoy personal jokes, as I've seen him grinning to himself when alone as if the whole world were a comedy for his benefit. What's more, he is almost always accompanied by a beautiful woman, and thus far I have never seen the same girl twice.

Yesterday he walked into Starbucks, paused at my table, and gave me the strangest look - as if to say, "I've seen you before!" Yes you have. The day before yesterday, and the day before that. . . And most likely this weekend as well, when I get back from Georgia. It's kind of nice, actually - to see the same face and not be bothered with any unnecessary details. I suppose I'll call him Cary, or Grant.


  1. Interesting... Um... also, its Katherine Hepburn. :-) She is excellent with Cary Grant and Spencer Tracey. :-) Love "The Philadelphia Story"!

  2. Katherine. . . that's what I wrote.

    I like The Philadelphia Story too.


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