My Head Feels Fuzzy

I've been under the weather for the past couple of days, suffering from a fever and head-cold. I feel a bit like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, gathering up wads of discarded tissue paper and half-empty cups of hot tea in an attempt to resurface from the disorderly mindset that accompanies sickness. Now if only Tom Hanks would bring me daisies, I might feel better.

Instead, I am bogged down by an overload of homework for what is proving to be the most stressful (although final) quarter of my entire college experience. A single phrase runs through my head on a daily basis: Just gotta' make it to the end of June, the end of June, end of June. I seem to have misplaced my self-motivation as well as my high academic standards - all of this exchanged for my sanity, at the very least. An entire year without a single break is proving to be just about all I can handle.

I want to have time for simple things, like folding my laundry, or standing in the shower for longer than five minutes, or sitting outdoors doing absolutely nothing - not even thinking. Just sitting.

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