{you are not a tree}

normally i don't like this kind of thing,
but since joining pinterest i've found several lovable quotes 
and thought i'd pin them into a blog post.
. : happy reading : . 

all images borrowed from pinterest (mostly).  
for further details view my pinboard entitled "things."


  1. cant decide which is my fav but im going to write some down.
    it was fun reading them.
    thanks for sharing

  2. Yeah, I like these things once in a while:)
    Pretty sweet.

  3. I like it! :D I have a confession: I sort of enjoy those platitude plaques thingies (plaquitudes?) even if they're occassionally sappy. ;) They always catch my eye.

    When I saw the title of this post, I thought:

    "Of course trees were trees. Harold knew trees were trees."

    LOL ...the "weird little beast" is my favorite. <3 See you tomorrow!!! :D

  4. Hooray!

    I know! I love that quote from Stranger Than Fiction. Lovely movie.

  5. LOL. I'm happier than a bird with a french fry! Too funny.

  6. These quotes are so cool! Thanks for sharing :)


( hippies always welcome )