So Many Reasons

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we're off on our European Adventure. 
(Yes I do like to unnecessarily capitalizing things, as if they were titles of novels.) 

{ s  o  u  r  c  e }
I will try to write oh-so-brief blog posts every evening, for two reasons in particular: my mom's peace of mind (hi mom), and for Isaac.  Someday he will be old enough to appreciate the fact that he took a roadtrip through eight or nine European countries, only by then the details will be all fuzzy ... Except for my blog posts! So, wala.

My other goal for this trip is to take a break from myself. 

Let me explain. You know how when something really awful happens, it puts everything else into harsh perspective? All those daily things you were previously worried about become so small and insignificant. You take a break from thinking about them, because they honestly don't matter. Even the things you secretly hassle yourself about, making mountains of molehills inside your own head, suddenly diminish.

I've been thinking it's time for me to start doing this on purpose. Sidestep the catastrophe and jump straight into the break. More to the point - refuse to let daily things dictate my mood. Free up some space to explore the person I am without all that.  

And no, this isn't a new thought - it's something I've always known I should do, and have intermittently tried (and failed) in the past. The problem is, I forget that it has to be a conscious effort - day in, day out. It absolutely does not work if you go into the day thinking 'we'll just see how it goes', or (even worse): not thinking about it at all.

It's a commitment.

Today I will not ... 

Worry about this specific thing. 
Be upset when it isn't perfect. 
Say something negative.
Take this for granted.
Regret that decision.
Think less of myself.
Be unkind.

So on.

Sure, starting on the verge of an adventure seems a little like cheating (it should be easier, right?), but it'll help jump-start me into conscious positivity. There really are so many reasons to be happy.

So, here we go.


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