When Life Is Sweet

Tomorrow I am going home to the mountains. I will only be stateside for one week, just enough time to see the family, watch my little sister get married, and restock on much-needed art supplies (haven't forgotten all you lovelies waiting on custom orders) ...
And then it's back to Denmark.
I wish the boys were coming with. 

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Wish me traveling luck, please. Bought the cheapest airfare we could find (because there are so many other trips happening this year), which means tomorrow is going to be a little tough. 6 a.m. flight out, five airports, four countries, three planes and a bus. Exponential amounts of coffee and Flavia de Luce book 5 on kindle (absurdly happy about this part). And then: HOME!


  1. Hope you have a good trip here in Georgia! Safe travels. XO

  2. Have safe travels and enjoy your trip! Thinking of you! xxx

  3. Safe travels.. Soak it all up sweet for sure.

  4. Oh I hope your trip was everything you wanted it to be and more :) T.


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