floral prints, sunshine, and unexpected mail

This is shaping up to be such a lovely week.
Custom orders on my etsy, two short stories sent off to my editor (I love you, you), a newly-mapped out May adventure (planned over the weekend), and skype dates with some people I love ...

Also, my early birthday present from a certain fella' came in the mail on Saturday (pretty, isn't it?), along with a letter from my family I am waiting to open.

And we've had sunshine since Sunday.
I've been spending my mornings in the little patch of light on the studio floor while working, moving along with it as the sun climbs into the sky. This is what I was doing today, when the postal worker knocked on the big glass door opposite me, (gave me a look that, if I'm not mistaken, said I was crazy), and handed me this:

A completely unexpected early birthday present from Naomi 
(you've made my week, you)

♥Kimono Rose perfume and lotion (this is my scent of choice, and it's been difficult for me to come by in the last few years so you can imagine my excitement)
♥Pure Lavender Face Cream, with SPF (from Naomi's new line, Pure. Also check out her etsy shop After Hours Design; I'm in love with her Vintage Marigold Infinity scarf)
♥Chocolate espresso beans (for the coffee lover)
♥All-natural handmade soap from Naomi's hometown, which is making my apartment smell heavenly
♥and American Easter candy (not pictured because I am eating it).

I was actually having a frustrating morning (believe it or not, and I'll explain sometime), and then this came in the mail and made me feel so happy, and so very blessed.


  1. Replies
    1. It so is! It really made me very happy. I can't stop smelling the soap, it's so pretty.

  2. Unexpected mail is the best! When is your birthday, Lauren? We've had sunshine since Sunday as well and even though it is still freezing cold, I am sucking in all the vitamin d I can get!
    Hugs xxx

    1. Same here! Which is why I've been sitting at my window under it goes behind the awning. Too cold to sit on the deck without layers and layers. Here's to hoping you get enough vit. d and it warms up soon!

      My birthday is Saturday. ;)

  3. where is your dress from? it's gorgeous.

  4. Your blog has changed since I've last been here and I am loving it....especially your photos, they are wonderful and your writing so beautifully truthful. I have to come by much more often, there is such goodness here.


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