the last thing you said to me

I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.  - Vincent Van Gogh

Stumbled across this quote today.  I kind of love it.  When I say I'm an artist, it isn't really because I can paint or write stories; it's because I feel creativity in my bones ... and it is often inspired by watching other people.

It's in the small things:

Your expression, or tone of voice.
That look I see in your eyes, when it all makes sense.
The way you move when you aren't thinking about it.

How I can look at you and see a photograph.

It's in the landscape:

The sky; how the clouds move; those birds.
All the colors; so many colors, blooming out like watercolor paints.
The sound of rain.
Sunshine; the look of it, the way it feels.

It's in my things:

How my pencils fan out in a cup, waiting.
My books all stacked up on a windowsill.
The font, the paper, the way the words sound when read aloud.
The touch and feel of linen.

The harmony, the lyrics.

It's in the last thing you said to me, and the way it made me feel.

Does any of this make sense?  


  1. Beautiful, and all of it makes sense x

  2. It makes a TON of sense!!! And I love love LOVE that quote and Vincent.

    I think artists in general are more sensitive, and tender...as you probably know, And as a writer myself and a creative person, I can totally relate, loved this post.


  3. Good to hear; halfway through writing it I felt like a crazy person. But honestly, it's what I feel - LIFE is a work of art ... so of course you must see the art in the people! I think that's why I love indie music and films and so much. It so real.


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