Sixteen Days (And Counting)

Had a very-bad-no-good frustrating Monday.
I take it back.  It was so-so.

Minus the somewhat impromptu lunch-date with Tim (which involved a train and two buses), because we both happened to be running errands at the same time.  And then picking Isaac up from school.  Those things could fix any bad day.

The next couple weeks are going to be crazy.  Our lease is up at the end of the month, which is just as well because we fly back to the states on the 21st.  Our things will be moving into a storage unit over Christmas, and then hopefully into a new apartment come January (we've got a realtor, we're on the lists, I'm looking at floor plans as I type - she says, as if it were that easy).  That will be the craziest week of all, what with the five-year-old, the ten-ish hour flight, the two layovers in Chicago and Paris (dreading, dreading, dreading), and then moving. 

Reason being:
Need smaller, cheaper apartment.
So we can save more money.
To travel.

Since we'll only be here another eight to eleven months, we have many-many travel plans in the making.  My favorite of these involves renting a car in Berlin and taking a roadtrip through the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.  Also on that list are weekend trips to Ireland and Amsterdam ... and, if we can swing it, we'd like to go back to Norway and do the fjord tour.  We'll see if it happens.

But the main thing is: I survived Monday I'm going to be home in sixteen days (and counting) -
just in time for Thanksgiving!

I am so excited about turkey and sweet whip cream (yeah, it's sugarless here), tree-hunting, Christmas records, and getting iced into the half-mile driveway with my family.

S   I   X   T   E   E   N        D   A   Y   S   !


  1. sugarless whip cream? seriously? come back!!!!!! ;)

  2. I know. It's a head-scratcher. And it was also an unpleasant surprise.

  3. Hi Lauren...well it sounds like you're in for a busy couple of months but have fun and enjoy all that happens along the way......and have a wonderful thanks giving with your family xo

  4. Yay!! I am so glad you get to go home soon :-) AND all that travel you want to do sounds so amazing!!

  5. Yay! Good luck on your trip, though sorry you had a rough Monday :( Will you be flying back to Denmark after the holidays or are you guys moving back to the states?

  6. Good luck with the move and do enjoy your time stateside.

  7. I know! I just hope I can actually afford it in the end, haha.

  8. So where will you end up after your lease is up, in the states?

    I will pray for you during these next crazy months!



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