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Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. - William Morris

Live simply so that others may simply live. - Elizabeth Ann Seton

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It looks like we'll be renting a postage-stamp studio apartment for eight to eleven months next year, just outside Roskilde.  I realize it'll be a tight squeeze for all three of us, but the benefit is we'll save an extra $600(ish) each month which will go directly to travel (speaking of, I've recently added Barcelona to my list of must-see cities, at least more than an exhausting four hours in their beautiful airport, half asleep and conversing with handsome young sailors - true story).

And, we don't mind small spaces.  We've lived in them before and it was alright.

We've been offered a choice between two studios (same layout, different complex), with a move-in date of January 1st - just when we arrive back in Denmark.  The one we were able to see, as a little preview, is currently inhabited by two of the messiest people on earth (I think).  I was a little depressed after seeing it because, under the circumstances, it's difficult to imagine how the apartment will look once empty and clean, with a complimentary fresh coat of paint and our own things.

That being said, I'm a little excited about the challenge involved in furnishing this tiny space.

I've begun collecting ideas ... and inspiring photos:

sources : 1  |  2  |  4

I'm also liking these articles:

If you have any advice or photographs about making a studio a home, please oh please share!  I didn't really try and decorate our current apartment, for two reasons: I've been going through a major minimalist phase, and we spent all our time in the living room with those big windows and beautiful views of the cathedral and the fjord.  The next apartment, though, has fewer windows, no view to speak of, and is so very small that we're going to need a homey boost to push us through January, February, and March - the saddest months north of the northern hemisphere.  The floor plan is basically a square, with light wood floors and white walls.  We're going to separate the bedroom area from the rest of the apartment by ceiling-high shelving units, but otherwise -

entirely open for suggestion.


  1. I love that quote by William Morris. I try to remember it before I buy something or bring something home.

    My suggestion was going to be Apartment Therapy's small spaces series, but it looks like you've already got that one down!

  2. I think you will take any living area and make it awesome! I can't wait to see pictures. For some reason, I keep picturing the house where the Lost Boys live in Peter Pan.

  3. Apartment Therapy is awesome. I can't seem to get off their website!

  4. We lived in a VW van for a period in our lives and I loved the fact that we had to be creative and inventive with the tiny space. Small tight spaces can look soooo good. Hugs

  5. Exactly! My family lived in a school bus with metal bunk beds bolted to the walls; it was an adventure.


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