A Few Best Feelings in the World

That first cup of coffee in the morning(assuming it was made correctly).
Right after a long run, when you really pushed yourself.
Checking something off a list and then happily forgetting about it.
Stay-home movie nights, with forts.
A clean house (short-lived).
Tried-and-true blue jeans.
When your kid says or does something new, and you're floored by who this little person is turning into.
Waking up and feeling you slept enough (the rarest).
Those brief, unexpected exchanges between strangers - a glance, a greeting, or maybe you're just laughing at the same thing and you both know it. 
When someone plays with your hair.
Hanging out with your people, whoever they may be.
When you're the one making a difference, even if it's just a favor.
Knowing someone long enough to have inside jokes you can't explain (because you can't remember why), and somehow, they're still funny.
When the thing you're wearing is perfect for that particular day.
That second glass of wine.
Travelling somewhere new.
Gratitude. (Turns what you have into enough.)
Early morning roadtrips, with choice weather and playlist.
That feeling you get, when you look back on something you accomplished and you can't believe you actually did it.
Knowing you will be in the same country as your family for the holidays.


  1. hehehe...that second glass of wine.....

    we need to have some together someday :D

  2. Whoa. Chill out, computer. Sorry about my redundancy...

  3. I may have to do one of these for myself. Sunshine will also be my first....

    It's only November 14 and I already miss its warmth against my face.


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