The weather's been like this.  This is the view from my third-story living room.  Left: an apartment building, a green field, and the fjord (which you can't see in this photo because it's too foggy, but on clear days it is a beautiful blue, with white boats, and then a sunset).  Right: more apartment buildings and the Roskilde Cathedral in the distance (actually closer than it looks, I can even see the colors on the roof from here).  This view makes the three-and-a-half flight climb (whilst carrying groceries and the suddenly-and-conveniently limp redhead) seem worthwhile. Even on rainy days, and especially when windy.  I get to watch the birds try and fly against the wind.  It's like my own personal comedy.

The redhead's been sick.  He's missed school the last few days and has been chilling at home - painting, building lego things, and watching cartoons.  Yesterday morning we went to the doctor's for a check-up and the library to restock on books and movies, where he got his first library card so he could borrow this Pirate book (what else).  It was kind of a 'wow' moment for me, actually: I have a kid who has a library card.  And who is also turning five next week.  FIVE!  In ten years, when I'm 36, he will be in high school.  You'd think, at some point, it would kick in that I'm an adult, but no.  Atwood coined it best: Everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.

I've been unproductive-ish.  I've been sporadically working on new sketches for Etsy, but it's difficult because, well, you know.  What I like to pretend is my 'studio' is, in fact, a dining room table covered in little plastic dinosaurs and a pyrex casserole dish full of water where the redhead floats tiny lego boats.  Whenever I can snatch a minute sans redhead, toys, data work, and household stuff, I get all my rapidly diminishing art supplies (must restock soon) out of the bedroom closet and take over the table-top.  It's not exactly an efficient system, but it'll have to do until I have a bonafide studio with a lock on the door.

... How's your 'lately'?


  1. But this skate is very warm and beautiful, Laurie:) Even if you haven't ideal studio you gave me (and other women I think) so many pleasure moments when I see your mother-baby works.

  2. The sketch is beautiful.

    Atwood's quote resonates with me, also - and I'm not sure if that will ever change. I once had a discussion with my great uncle, who was 86 yrs old at the time, and he told me that his body was the only thing that had really changed over time. In his mind he was still a 20-something. Maybe some of us just never really "grow up." I think that's a good thing.

    I hope Isaac feels better soon. Jacob has also been home sick since Monday. We are off to the doctor this morning. Happy Birthday to Isaac! Jacob turns 5 on November 5th, so I guess you and I were pregnant at the same time. I had not realized that they were so close in age.

    Enjoy your day! It has been so cold here lately, with very little sunshine. I am withering. :)

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm so glad to discover yours--beautiful art! :)

  4. Atwood is a genius.

    Lately here it's been foggy which makes it hard to get outside and do something. All I want to do is wear slippers and drink hot chocolate.


  5. I kind of love rain in fall, as weird as that is. I'm in Boston, snuggled in my sister's apartment while it rains outside and I love it. :) I bet you're pretty sick of it though!

  6. Hi Lauren...well the weather is changing from rain to beautiful spring here in Australia....I understand your frustration with having to use your dining table for your art as I also have to use mine for my sewing as we too don't have a studio or spare room....I love your sketches, they are so beautiful and you are very talented.....I would love to be able to draw/sketch but am hopeless....lol..at least my daughter got the art genes.....have a wonderful day...xo

  7. your sketches are beautiful.


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