My little man is growing up. Yesterday he turned five, and it was the first birthday he recognized as more than the inexplicable appearance of gifts. A rite of passage has come and gone.

It felt like Saturday because we marked it off on the calendar as a day to celebrate.  He woke up singing 'happy birthday to me'; I could hear him in the other room.  Do you remember what that was like?  To be a kid on your birthday, in a house littered with multicolored balloons?

It was a day of his favorite things: cake-baking, lunch at the little bagel place downtown, the park, gifts and pizza and pixar, and a skype date so he could blow out his candles with my family, just like he would if we were home.

We bought him an inflatable pool so he could float his new pirate boat in the living room, a backpack because we're going home in just over a month and he likes to periodically pack up his drawer in preparation, and art supplies, because he's taking after his mommma.  He named the playmobile sailors Captain and Gary.  I'm not sure why.

Then, before bed, he informed me that he is not, in fact, five; he is 'twenty.'  So there you have it.  

Happy Birthday, kiddo.


  1. aww sounds perfect. :)
    happy birthday little man.

    ps. your pics make me miss roskilde!

  2. Before you know it he will be 20 and you'll be wondering where the time went...My oldest just turned 21 in July, my middle one is about to turn 19 in two weeks, my youngest turned 17 in June and number four is due in February....I don't know where the time has gone with the first three and I'm sure it will go fast with this little man too but it's amazing to watch them grow and change and sometimes a little painful too, so enjoy all milestones well as they come and go so quickly.....xox

  3. What a lovely day :) Happy birthday to him! <3

  4. Happy Birthday, Isaac!! A pool in the living room... How cool is that?!? :)

  5. aw. that's cute.
    happy birthday to the little guy! :)

  6. miss him. :) looks like his day turned out perfect.

  7. so cute! congrats for having such a cutie around you! xx

  8. It's a perfect little town. If only it were Stateside, and had more sunshine ... I'd live here forever.


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