Dream-Catchers and Other Things

Happy Tuesday, loves!  Lucky me, I've come down with Isaac's head-cold just as he got better, and haven't slept a wink in five hundred days (or so it feels).  I'd like to turn the couch around to face the sun (if there were any sun on this overcast morning), climb under a quilt, and hibernate.  

Instead, my Tuesday's gone like this: up early, bundled off the boys, cleaned the house, went on a quick 5k, ran several errands by foot, tried to track down my package of art supplies without any luck (I missed the postman yesterday because he came while I was in the shower, so it's been a game of tag ever since)...

...and finished an illustration I started yesterday:

This dream-catcher will be available in A4 prints on my etsy soon, and I will be taking custom orders as well (tell me your favorite quote and colors, and send me a photo of any personal treasures you'd hang from a dream-catcher - like a key, shell, or a ribbon) - and I'll design an image specifically for you!  Or wait and see what else shows up on the etsy - I've got several dream-catcher ideas in the making.

My inspiration for this one: a scrap of 60's flower-power cloth (from my sister), and chevron stripes.

Today's project, though, is a home-coming illustration using my watercolor pencils...
...with lots of coffee and the Away We Go soundtrack: 

... And tonight I am absentee voting (don't forget to vote!), have a work training session, and after the kiddo's in bed, will be setting up for his 5th birthday tomorrow!  I'm going to turn the living room into a fort, blow up 25 balloons, wrap presents, and possibly make cupcakes.  And to think this time five years ago I was getting induced.  I so prefer building forts.

How's your Tuesday?


  1. I love the dream catcher so much!! Can't wait to see what other dream catchery ones you do. x

  2. I love the photo of the watercolour pencils. Actually, any photo of art tools makes me happy (but I'm not an artist. I just think that methods of creation are wonderful). And the dream catcher illustration is beautiful too.

  3. This is beautiful!! You are so talented! Such a lovely space you have here!!

  4. I know what you mean! There's just something about fresh art supplies that makes me happy.

  5. Me too! I'm really excited about creating more of these. I have one with swallows coming up soon...


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