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Isaac’s Summer in FB-Statuses

6/2 - During my absence, Isaac seems to have developed an odd fascination with lotion. He's been carting my travel-sized hand cream around and periodically applying it to things ... his face, my arms, the table legs...

6/2 - Today Isaac learned a new word.  Rocketship. He won't stop saying it. ROCKETSHIP! ROCKETSHIP! ROCKETSHIP! ... If only I could go back in time and have him unwatch AstroBoy.

6/6 - Isaac's blue elephant had to go in the washer today, which apparently is the end of the world as we know it. So Isaac rescued it mid-cycle. And now there is a sopping wet elephant hiding in our house somewhere, souring.

6/7 - One of life's great mysteries: How does my four-year-old keep misplacing his underwear? I know he had several pairs last week, and now: two.

6/8 - This morning at kindergarten, Isaac drew a picture of our apt. next to this massive, spiky, hilly thing. I asked him if it was a mountain, and he said, "No, stairs." Apparently that's what it feels like to live on the third floor, from the perspective of a four-year-old.

6/10 - Isaac has a new song. It goes: "YAR YAR YAR! You are a pirate again!"

6/13 - This morning Isaac stuffed a blanket under his shirt and informed me that he is, in fact, a penguin.

6/20 - Isaac stayed home today because he's not feeling well. The first thing he did was break the bathroom doorknob. And now ... we ... cannot ... get in.

6/25 - Isaac had to miss kindergarten today on account of a cold, which means I get to spend all day playing with legos! Fortunately I had brothers, so I'm like Superwoman when it comes to legos. Nevermind that everything I build ends up looking like Howl's moving caste ... or that Isaac uses the lego men body parts as columns in his designs. My darling little sadist, you make me proud.

6/26 - When it's just me and the kiddo, I make one plate and we share. He recently decided he doesn't like this habit. "MY APPLE! MY CHEESE! MY PASTA!" Shoot.  Now how will I feed myself?

6/28 - This morning Isaac informed me that he will be saving half his breakfast (grapes, mind you), for his aunt Sarah when she gets back (I don't think he realizes that when I said she went home, I meant to a different country). Sarah, if you ever do come back, there will be a lot of raisins waiting for you.

7/9 - I painted my toenails ... so naturally Isaac had to have his done as well. He hated it. Had to be taken off. Which is just as well, considering ... he's a boy ... and it was fuchsia-ish.

7/11 - Sarah bought Isaac germ plushies (Bad Breath and Flu, to be exact), which he promptly took to school with him like any self-respecting kindergartner.

7/23 - I hope, at some point, Isaac overcomes his desire to wear button-down dress shirts with cotton sleep shorts, superman baseball caps, and rainboots. ...The good news is, he looks exactly like his uncle Peter.

7/27 - Isaac is extremely particular about his wardrobe. Hates pants, despises underwear, and will only wear the 'BLACK SHIRT WITH THE POCKET!' When I insist he wear pants of some variety, tantrums ensue. :| THIS IS THE WHOLE REASON I DID NOT WANT A GIRL!

7/29 - It was summer in Denmark last week, but today it appears to be officially over. This morning Isaac stood on a bench in front of the window, waving his arms up and down, singing, "White sun, coooome, white sun, cooooommmmeee," and then (in a state of alarm), "MAMA! The sun is GONE!"

7/31 - A happy Tuesday evening: Screwdrivers (compliments of yours truly); a new crochet stitch (compliments of Sarah) so I can make a wooly mammoth or possibly some kind of afghan; BBC Sherlock (to satisfy our mutual need for sarcastic sleuthing at its best); fried flounder and Basmati rice (compliments of Chef Husband); and an entire lego village designed by He-Child.

8/3 - Isaac figured out my phone has a camera, and now I have pictures of All The Things. Including seven of the sidewalk between preschool and the apartment building.

8/4 - Today I had Isaac tell me, in order, all Kough-people names (lest he forget). He did great until he got to Lydia, when he said 'Lloyd.' (?)

8/8/ - Today Isaac wrote a letter to his new penpal, Sari. And by write I do mean that he drew pictures and told me what to write underneath. On one page, he drew a truck and a stick figure crying, and told me to write "Isaac is sad because he does not have a car."

8/9 - Isaac's most recent 'thing' is saying 'oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah?!' - I don't know where he picked this up but he says it whenever I tell him to do anything. It goes without saying - but as a mother, this, of course, makes me very happy.  : |

8/10 - Isaac just ran into the room, pulled up his shirt, pointed to his nipples and said, "LOOK MAMA! BOOBIES!" Face-palm.

8/11 - Fractured my shin (or something) while running this week, so I've been limping a bit. Isaac is thrilled. "PIRATE MAMA!"

8/13 - The little girls at Isaac's kindergarten run up and kiss him when he walks in the door. Before this gets any more serious, they should know he still throws a tantrum about his socks every morning.

8/15 - There is one other red-head in Isaac's kindergarten. This morning, Isaac marched up to this kid, pointed to his hair, and said, "SEE?!" *How-to-find-more-of-your-own-kind*

8/17 - Yesterday Isaac said, out of the blue, "Go home. Go to Georgia." It was surprising and adorable. (He has asked to go 'home' every day since Christmas, but he never specifically mentioned GA before.)

8/23 - Today, when asked how old he is, Isaac said, "I am a four-year-old pirate."

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