You Can Have Fun, But Do Not Fall Over!

With the exception of my family, somewhat warmer weather, and of course my car, I don't think I've ever lived in a town quite so perfect as Roskilde.  What's more, it offers a great deal of creative inspiration for me on a daily basis.  For example, last weekend I happened upon a group of women knitting up street signs and road posts behind the library.  I have no idea why covering the town in brightly-colored cozies makes me so absurdly happy, but it does.


A street post beanie.

You guessed it, my favorite.  Well, it has daisies!

Pompoms, flowers, butterflies.  What else.

Exceptional handiwork.

Du må gerne pjatte -men pas på med at skvatte : You can have fun, but don't fall over.  Or something.

SQUEE!  (I also had this reaction in the street.  They thought I was crazy.)

... But it's just so darn cute!

NO KNITTED BIKES ALLOWED!  (All other bicycles are fine, though).

Free knitted apps?

I wish I could take the knitters home with me and make them do things like this in my house.  At least in my coffeehouse, someday.

The nearby park also had non-knitted signs put up that say things like: her må der danses and her må der elskes, which mean here you may dance and here you may love, (or something) respectively.  I live in such a quirky and magical little place, don't 'ya think?


  1. oh my goodness! that is beyond amazing.
    i can't imagine knitting up a street post...and i definitely wouldn't be the brilliant person to think of doing such a thing.
    golly, it's cute!
    love the daisies...and the bike? oh dear. the adorableness.

  2. How did they knit a street pole???

  3. So neat! And "have fun but don't fall over" is my future album name.


( hippies always welcome )