The Swedish Man Who Went Up The Hill And Came Down With All The Strawberries

A photo-log of Saturday : Our visit to Sweden 

(My apologies I've included so many photos. 
You might look at it this way: I could've uploaded all 248 photos rather than just 20). 

Tim and Isaac in the train station.  In order to get to Helsingborg, Sweden, we had to take two trains and a ferry.  Isaac was disappointed our travels did not also include a bus, so he made up a song: No no no, bus-a-bus, no no no, bus-a-bus, no no no, dad said no.  ...  Poor kid, must've been traumatizing.

Tim, after telling Isaac "no."  Screaming ensued.  (BTW, isn't Tim cute?)

Me, holding said screaming child.

Like father like son.

A Train Picnic.  As you can see, Isaac is not quite clear on the difference between 'sucking' and 'blowing.'

Tim told Isaac to kiss me for a photo, but I think he went to sleep instead.

Do you feel like we're staring at you?  (We had way too much fun on the train.  The lady in the silent zone insisted as much.)  At this point I should probably not admit that we actually got off a train on Platform 12, misread our directions, ran in a big huge confusing circle, and got back on the train at Platform 12, where we sat for ten minutes until we realized we were on the same train we'd just left.  (Silly Americans.)

On the ferry.  The ferry was a huge hit.  We may go back and spend an entire day on it, and yes, we did ask if this was allowed.  The  captain said, "See that guy over there?  He's been on here for three hours."  And why not.  There's a lovely deck for sun-bathing and a nice little restaurant-bar down below, plus they have live music on weekends.  Not to mention the view.  Who ever heard of a neon-green light-house?  It doesn't even need a light.

Isaac was thrilled to finally be on a boat.  He kept trying to climb over the railing.

Hamlet's Castle and the Danish flag.  (HAMLET!)

Isaac, banished to below-deck so he wouldn't hoist himself overboard.

Our first sight upon arrival in Sweden.  Although to be perfectly honest, all I could think about was that Veggie Tale skit.  Swede: I am the Swedish man who went up the hill and came down with all the strawberries, leaving the inhabitants of the hill with no strawberries ... Enter Stage-Hand: You're not Swedish!  Swede: Shhh.  A voice-over from atop the hill: You are so selfish!  Swede: I know, but I have all the strawberries ... You just have to watch it - go here.


Isaac climbing to the top ... of the thing.

The view from the top.

The view going back down.

Some guy in an outdoor pub.  (Yes I do take photos of strangers without asking.) I couldn't resist, really; he looked too much like Geri from the Pixar Shorts.

A tree festooned with big red balls.  No idea, but very colorful.  We visited the park and the library because we mutually dislike shopping, and Isaac made three little friends, to the detriment of Tim, who was allotted the unfortunate position of Tilted-Merry-Go-Round conductor.

And on our way home ... Now Isaac can say he's officially been to five countries and he's only four.  Lucky kid.

{  W i s h  y o u  w e r e  h e r e  }


  1. Great photos, it looks like you all had a nice time. Isaac is so lucky to get to experience all of this at such a young age.

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  3. "We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl...year after year..."
    (is fishbowl one word?) Sorry, got sidetracked. I think it might be your fault, though. :)

    I LOVE the photo posts! I would've enjoyed all 200+ but I'll take what I can get. Great photos and I'm thoroughly enjoying my ongoing tour of Denmark and the surrounding areas. Good stuff!

    I posted a song for you on my blog this morning. Yep, just for you. Shhh...don't tell all of my 500 other followers. They'll be heartbroken.

  4. Beautiful photos! Isaac looks straight-up possessed in that crying picture! That bus situation must've been pretty traumatizing indeed.

  5. hah...you look so serene, holding the screaming child. lol.

    i love the look from the top of..that thing.

  6. Hi there.

    Did you know that the castle you took a picture off, going to Sweden, is in fact, Kronborg - the castle of Hamlet?

  7. What adventures you guys are having, wow. Beautiful photos, thank for sharing:D and it's so cool how you guys manage to do so much even with a little one in tow, I have mutliple friends who use their kids as an excuse to be lazy and do nothing!

  8. Hi Lauren

    Looks like you guys had an amazing day and quite an adventure....my guys loved veggie tales so I get what you mean and you're right the guy at the pub does look like Jerry from the pixar shorts hehehe.....I too take photos of strangers when they're not looking.....why not they're there so snap away I say...have a good week..


  9. What a great day you must have had, screaming child and no bus not withstanding. I love the photos. Places I will most likely never see....


  10. i LOVE the two pictures of different perspectives of the stairs [lots of prepositional phrases in there... hmmmm...]. it's SUPERB framing, which i'm sure was no accident by the architects. wish i was there! love you.

  11. love that you quote veggie tales in here:)

    and that guy totally does look like geri from the pixar shorts! ha, love it.

    great pictures, lauren. your little family is so sweet.


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