What I Wore Today

I was planning on participating in a "What-I-Wore 5-Day Blog Post Challenge" this week (and it's a challenge because you actually have to post every day) ... but then I realized ... that I don't want to.

So I took a picture of my eye instead ...

... and called it quits.  Hope that suffices.

The fact of the matter is, since I'm a work-from-home-mommy for the time being, I tend to wear tank tops and jeans ... Monday through Friday.  On top of which, I'm an artist (this is an excuse unto itself).  When I get into the nitty-gritty of a project, I rarely change out of wife-beaters and holey denim.  I exist on a solid diet of coffee, peanut butter, and tuna fish, cover myself in paint-and-glue-and-what-have-you, and stare unblinkingly at my computer screen for hours at a time, inducing a manic headache due to the story I cannot finish writing or the data project I do not understand.  Then I go for a run and the process begins all over again.

So you can see why a "What-I-Wore" post from me might be boring.  Unless, of course, I went with my original plan: to dress up in five consecutive outfits and take all five photographs in a single morning.  Which sort of defeats the purpose, don't you think?  Not to mention the fact that Denmark makes most of my wardrobe obsolete.  I knew this when I moved here and yet, for some strange reason, I keep buying short sun dresses and tank tops.  Go figure.

Possibly I will be able to incorporate a few "What I Wore" posts into my blog in the future, as my beloved paint jeans are dying.  As you can see.

Guess jeans and Miley Cyrus tank top.  Yes, Miley Cyrus.  Don't ask.
These jeans replaced my overalls (and, from the looks of it, will soon be shorts).  If you've known me long, you know about the overalls.  I've had them since I was twelve.  They were my paint-covered project clothes for a solid twelve years ... and then ... one sad summer (the summer before last) ... they went to shreds.  I miss them dearly.  

(I have no idea how I will survive without my overalls and my favorite jeans.  Why is it that as soon as clothes become your tried-and-true favorites, they fall apart?  And naturally the stores don't sell them anymore, because they've been replaced by something much more practical: acid-washed skinny jeans with writing on the butt and zippers up the legs.  Because that's attractive.  Someday when I am a millionaire I will find The Perfect Jeans (again), and buy ALL OF THEM.  You can't have any, so don't even ask.  I will also be taking them to heaven with me.)

... Quit staring at me like that.  I own other clothes.  I promise.  

Compliments of Tim.  Who captioned the photo "Lauren and The Infamous Kough Nose" - Kough being my maiden name (pronounced Coe, not Cough or Couch or Cow).  In particular, my brother Matthew and I have the same exact nose.  Complete strangers have actually walked up to me (in my parent's home town), and said: You look JUST LIKE MATT! :)

So there you go.  What I wore today.  Or this half-decade.


  1. Hahaha this is basically what I wear every day too! You're so pretty, BTW.

  2. i love the simplicity of your outfit, yet it looks great! would love to see more outfits, too (:

  3. I would love to say that I actually put on jeans every day but I'm going to go ahead and admit to donning pajama bottoms with my tank tops so I think you may me a step ahead of me. Like you, I prefer to wear a sundress when leaving the house and I feel pretty upset when the weather doesn't cooperate - like today.

    Also...You are so stinkin' cute!! I think most of us moms would be happy to look as good as you do in those tattered jeans. :)

  4. It's all about being comfortable in your own skin. When we are freed of the discomforts of a too tight bra, or underwear that ride, we can expand and create fully! :P

  5. Sadly I lost my 15 year old jeans this past summer. Took on small teeny tiny nose dive off a bike and they were completely done in. It was a sad day. I have kept them though as I plan on turning them into something....someday. I refuse to toss them.

    The rest of my wardrobe consists of "work" clothes which I hate and then tanks and jeans for the rest of my life. I refuse to say how many tanks I own, my husband may get mad at me if he ever realized...hahahaha


  6. "Someday when I am a millionaire I will find The Perfect Jeans (again), and buy ALL OF THEM. You can't have any, so don't even ask. I will also be taking them to heaven with me.)"

    so. unbelievably. funny.

    i wear outfits pretty much exactly like that too.....such good style we all have ;)


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