We'll Play For A Ride!

things that make my bohemian heart
.  oh  .  so  .  happy  .

.  to set the mood  .

(the head and the heart : rivers and roads)
... Playing for the Ride ...



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  1. Ahhh, you have a gift for setting a mood with photos. I love the one with the cat on the door and the chick holding the Coachella sign-I LOVE her boots :-)

  2. i like the song... :)
    also, that white room with pillows on the floor, and awesome shelves? hmmm....happy sigh:)

  3. Rivers and Roads is one of my favorite songs... ever.

  4. Aw such pretty pics! The ones featuring kittens are my favorite! Thank you for the Friday inspiration! You have such a beautiful bohemian spirit:)

  5. 5,6, & 7... oh, especially 7...I want to be there right now, and the man with the kitt-eh *le sigh*. Love the vw bug too, all packed up...looks like there is fun to be had. You make me want to rejoin pinterest. These are so lovely. Thank you for the sunday morning eye candy. It goes great with coffee. :)


( hippies always welcome )