... someone else is happy with less than what you have.  - anon

my boys
white walls and natural light
and two years in a foreign country.

work, and the fact that it is raining today, 
so i will have less trouble focusing on work 
than if it were sunny.

seasonal change, and knowing summer's on the way
and warmth will come 
... eventually.

time, for pursuing things i love
even if it comes to nothing -
it still counts.

life, this confusing, beautiful, 
and complicated existence.
this chance to create something outside of myself. 

... gratitude turns what we have into enough.  - melody beattie


  1. Indeed. So much to be grateful for. I once said to my husband, "Well, our life isn't perfect," and he responded, "It might be perfect to someone else." He doesn't often say profound things but that comment really made me think. I'm thankful for your post and others like it because they help me remember what is most important. Your good deed for the day - accomplished! :)


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