flowerchild post-cards

You may have seen my recent Flowerchild Post-Card Page (above), but I thought I'd write a post about it just the same.  Because ... might as well.

Below are a series of pen-and-ink illustrations by yours truly, that are soon-to-be sold on etsy as standard 4x6 post card prints.  I plan to set up shop by the end of April - watercolors, sketches, and post-cards!  In the meantime, I am accepting pre-orders at $2 a card or $20 a set (plus stateside S&H).  

I will also consider designing new women to add to the set based on personal request (chef, secretary, herbalist, doctor, so on, so forth).   Thus far, I've got: artist, writer, athlete, etsy girl, bohemian, barista, musician, student, dancer, photographer, bride, mama, businesswoman, nurse, teacher, and the uptown girl.

 Please contact me at ladaisiblog@hotmail.com if interested!

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  1. um excuse me - i totally suggested a cook or baker.

    also, I think an adoptive mommy would be great! :)


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