The Relative Coolness of Pinterest

It seems like every day there’s another online social “tool” trying to get you to sign up for their service. In spite of this, I am smitten with Pinterest. Perhaps it came along at the perfect time: Right as I was growing very tired of seeing the many posts by old high school “friends” on my Facebook wall. Pinterest was the perfect opportunity for me to start a fresh online social experiment, and get some great design ideas at the same time! Here’s why I like it so much:
  • Value – Lately, I’ve been starting a new approach to my time online. Whenever I automatically access a particular blog, social site or news site, I ask myself what value I’m getting from the site. I’m a bit of an introvert and it’s very easy for me to spend gobs of time online, only to ask later, what the heck did I get out of all that time?
    The value in Pinterest for me is the fact that it’s centered on particular boards and pins. It’s not simply a soapbox for all the users, in a way that most social sites are. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing my best friend’s online status, checking out her photos or replying to her messages. Other people … well, I don’t always want to be a victim of their soapbox. On Pinterest, it’s less about “here’s why my day was awful/great” or “here’s a picture of me in a bikini.” It’s about finding cool things and sharing them, rather than sharing cool things about yourself.
  • Site Design – The other thing I love about Pinterest: The visual nature of the setup. It’s easy to scroll through other people’s boards and spot things of interest and it’s easy to skip right past the things you know you aren’t jazzed about. I myself am a bit of a fashion guru, and I love browsing the boards of fashionable friends and other Pinners who focus on new looks. Pinterest’s scrolling site design is much faster than sifting through fashion blogs.
  • Organization – Besides the social aspect of Pinterest, it also has utility in that you can easily organize pin boards around particular projects you are working on. I was recently doing a test run with a vegetarian diet and I used a board to keep track of veggie recipes that I liked. When redoing the interior design in your apartment or home you can use a board to gather cool patterns and pieces of furniture. Piniterest can allow you to collect ideas from intereior design experts all in one place. Unlike other social media, Pinterest has a very clear concept that is easy to describe to friends when they are wondering what the site is for.

- Written by featured writer Leslie Branch


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  1. I love your drawings! They are so cool! I totally relate with quite a few of them. Sorry I've been missing in action!

  2. PIN ALL THE THINGS! lol I know, Pinterest seriously is the new online phenomenon. (Facebook who? :P)

    I love what you said about organization, cause I really think it's true; I've met SO many people who use Pinterest as their project portfolio. I was talking to my Realtor recently about her planned remodel for a master bathroom, and asked if she'd considered using Pinterest to organize her ideas. She laughed. Apparently, I was like the sixth person in a week to recommend Pinterest. :P

    Good post!

  3. Pinterest rocks my world! :)

    In all seriousness, I do love having one place to keep track of all the projects and recipes I want to try, instead of pieces of paper all over my house.

  4. Oh, I absolutely agree! I collect craft ideas, and Pinterest is so much more accessible than a list of links in my 'Favorites' folder. What's more, since I'm a very visual person, just the act of collecting beautiful photographs or interesting art can inspire me to create something of my own, which may be totally different from the pictures I've collected, but still owe its inception to the 'feel' of a pinboard.

    Basically, I'm an addict. ;)

  5. I love pinterest. It's like being connected to everyone, without saying a word because you share the same interests in a photo... I feel like I'm making an album I'll keep forever. So with that thought to justify, it was time well spent. ;)

  6. love this post.
    it's so true--pinterest makes it easy to find the actual stuff you're interested in; no sifting through hundreds of blogs to find something you like, something that inspires you.

    great post!

  7. I LOOOVE pinterest. i feel so much more organized since i started using it. the amount of information that we intake in one evening of uninterrupted internet browsing is overwhelming, and for ten shitty things you find online, there's the one good thing you hope you remember to bookmark...

    pinterest eradicated that for me-- the pages upon pages of bookmarks, the random picture folder on my desktop with an interior design inspiration that i couldn't remember why or when i'd saved it...

    plus, i feel like i'm more likely to actually FIND something to inspire me just by browsing through my pinterest stream!

    it's such a fun and useful tool!

    thanks for this post, la!


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