off she's gone

have you ever just walked around your house and taken photos of all the little things that make it ... uniquely yours?  well, today i did.  and may i just say - it is no easy task.  i ended up with about five hundred incredibly uninteresting shots plus a couple funky ones, but lucky you i'm posting them anyway.  (as you've probably noticed, i've sworn off capitalization in this post.  if you're a lynn truss kind of person, you should probably stop reading now.)

the living room.  or a third of it.  i love my windows. 
tim hates them because they are not conducive to the window locks he just bought.

the books we brought from the states.  i wish i had my entire collection here, but that would've been an insanely heavy eighty bags to carry.  so i compromised and brought some sayers, flavia, kingsolver, berg, mckinley, otto, shaffer and barrows, fitch, gruen, and various others.  no nanny diaries though.  how did that happen?

  those people again.  (by tim.)
my succulents - the best birthday present ever.  from tim.
(although my birthday isn't actually until tomorrow. 
it drives him batty but i always guess his 'surprises' beforehand. 
it didn't help that i was with him when he bought these either.  also i picked them out).

i haven't even killed them yet.  (and yes, you, i did lug the bronze turtle all the way to denmark)

my stained glass window chimes from aunt julie.

... and from a different angle.  i don't know; i was trying to mix it up.

a few of my paintbrushes.

some kid i found in my living room.  i hope this doesn't mean i have to feed him.

... and his feet.

<< tim dyed my hair, see? probably not as it doesn't look that different than it did before.  (i always match the new color to the old, and then stupidly hope it'll prove to be a 'whole new me.'  it rarely works.  excepting the time it turned out ursula-black and i looked like a witch for two weeks.  that was fun.)  i'm lucky, though, because tim is a very talented hair stylist.  several girls i know have asked to borrow these skills from time to time, much to tim's chagrin.  

he hates dying hair.  

my lucky cowboy boots.  and yes, i wear them everywhere.

home-made scarves (by sarah e.) hanging on my freshly wall-papered dictionary-door. 

my coffee nook: a dream-catcher scribble by yours truly, and my green to-go thermos.

the picture i made for isaac's room.  because he's an elephant and cars and boats kind-of-guy.

something i got in the mail the other day.  and loved.

this is the start of my bulletin board.  since i just received two awesome paper-filled envelopes from georgia and north carolina, i still have many paper scraps to add.  but this is what i've pinned up so far (and you'd understand why it's taking me so long if you knew what a freak of a perfectionist i am.  in my perfect day, i am sloppy and it doesn't bother me).  from l-to-r: a calendar page from ayla, two family photographs taken over christmas, a face-sketch by yours truly, and a cork and bean cardboard coffee cozy.

l-to-r again: an adorable girl-on-a-swing post-card from hannah, a floral fabric swatch from my sisters, a photo of the beach by stephanie, a big paper doily thingy from engel people, three family photos by ayla, a couple maurice sendak illustrations from the wild things book, a quote from sarah, and a little calligraphy spade that daily reminds us that yes, 'we're all mad here.'

here it is in full - a work in progress.  many thanks to all you lovely people who sent me things for it - more of 'em will be going up soon!  and some of them will be going into my scrap journal as well (below).  as you can see i've got lots of room to go, so if you have any paper scraps you'd like to add, please send them.  i love mail.

off she's gone!  a magazine caption someone sent that i kind of love.

a few pages from my scrap journal.  mostly free people clippings in this one ...

and this one.  i'm thoroughly disappointed i can't get my free people magazines in denmark. 

i love these cut-outs because they make me think of the sixties movie and hippies and woodstock.

found this newspaper page in copenhagen.  it made me think of wuthering heights, so i added the quote: 'well, never mind.  that is not my heathcliff.  i shall love mine yet; and take him with me: he's in my soul.'
- chapter 15, bronte.

... more to come.  

... i was made for sunny days ... i make due with grey ...
but i didn't stay ... i was made for sunny days ...
and i was made for you.

(weepies : the song that is stuck in my head 
and unfortunately i do not know any more of the lyrics.  
i hate it when this happens)


  1. Oh, I love your place! Email me your address and I will send you something :-)

  2. I took a photo of a spider in my house yesterday. It was pretty unique but I think I like what you have in your place better. I love all the natural light you have in your apartment. We have a lot more windows here in our new place than in the last house we rented and I do like that. Maybe I'll try this sometime but I'm not sure if I can pull it off as nicely as you did here. That kid you found hanging out in your place is a cutie. You should probably feed him. I hear he likes milk a lot. Lovely post full of eye candy. Very well done, Miss Daisy! ;)

  3. wow, you and your husband are adorable together. :)

    hmmmm...i like your place. :)

  4. Happy late birthday! I love succulents too!

  5. Cool little tidbits...thanks for sharing them:D


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