Something of a Flop

My Friday run was something of a flop.

It was preceded by a brisk 3 or 4 mile walk because I had to run errands ...

Which isn't necessarily the best way to begin a nice run, but the weather was perfect, the snow had all but melted, and I was eager to try out the brand new 3-mile route we'd mapped out the night before on Google Maps.  (Translation: Tim mapped out a route, and then gave me a virtual turn-by-turn walk through so Little Miss Directionally Challenged wouldn't get lost.)

It was my goal to run five laps, thereby making 15 miles (it's probably stupid, but I've been trying to up my mileage by five every time I go out.  This way, exercising suddenly becomes a competition with myself.  What is wrong with me).

May I just say: Ha.

The route was awful.  The entire thing was on a highway, uphill.   (I realize the entire route cannot possibly be uphill, but I assure you it was.  The road knew I was coming, defied gravity, and made itself go uphill at every turn.)  Not to mention the sidewalks were in dire need of repair, or missing, or temporarily replaced with big sand patches, and the crosswalk signs were apparently out of service.  Then I got hit by a car.

I ran the 3 miles and went back home to find a new route.

Of which I ran half, and then promptly got lost.  I'm still not sure what happened but I must've missed a turn in there somewhere.  (Bear in mind that I had only just signed up for my Danish class that morning, and subsequently the street signs might as well say didley squat for all the sense they make to me.  You can imagine my predicament.)  By the time I found a familiar street I was too exhausted to run the lap more than once and called it a day.

To make a good run even better (note the sarcasm), I realized upon returning home that my foot was a bloody mess again because I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.   Apparently I need to buy new tennis shoes.  And some kind of navigational watch.  And wind-proof attire.  And a new foot.

I think I ran five miles when all was said and done, but it's difficult to say, really.

Here's to hoping my Monday run is more successful.



  1. You mean errands aren't considered exercise? Seriously? I refuse to believe you.

    The roads in Denmark sound like the roads here. I can't tell you how many times I've been driving down a main road, only to have it suddenly turn into a narrow dirt road, not actually a 'one-way' road but only wide enough for one vehicle, then suddenly it turns into a narrow, severly inclined and terribly rutty one car wide road that goes straight up the side of a mountain and does not lead anywhere even close to my intended destination. I'd be better off running everywhere rather than even attempting to drive. My GPS does not work well here. I often have to pinch myself and repeat the words, "It's all right. You're still in America. Of course you can find your way out of this." Yes...of course.

    Your post yesterday had me laughing my butt off! I totally need to add some Danish children's books to my sons collection of boring American literature. ;)

  2. Gosh, I love your writing. I hate you had such a tough time with your run, but it was such a good read.

  3. Man! You're good. At least in the running department, lol!! I haven't gotten off my ass at all for weeks. It's like 8 degrees here, though, so...there's my pathetic excuse.

  4. Not pathetic at all! I wouldn't run in it. My face would freeze off. ... As to running errands being a form exercise - I think they are! Especially if you have a toddler in tow. Grocery shopping is exhausting with a toddler.

  5. wow, wow, wow.
    reading this post on running, by YOU, makes me want to start running. ;) we don't have a whole lot of hills around here in town....i'd be safe, right? and english signs are awesome. and living here since i was born. lol.


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